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Justin & Leigh Box

Senior Leaders

Justin and Leigh are powerful leaders who serve with a heart of

humility and passion. Their primary focus of ministry is to the Lord,

through worship and pursuit of His Presence. They have a heart to

equip the body of Christ in the Presence and Power of God. Their

leadership perspective is fresh and lively, full of passion that is felt

as well as seen. They have cultivated a culture of honesty and

integrity that is authentic and transformational. 


Justin and Leigh have a burning passion to see the Kingdom of God

manifest on the earth, taking serious the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray, "On Earth as it is in Heaven”. They have a core belief that the Kingdom of God is not limited by an individual’s ability, meaning one is gifted and others observe.

On the contrary, they believe the words of Jesus when He said, “These signs shall follow those who believe.” Their heart is that every believer in their community and also globally, would be equipped and activated in the Power of God while being rooted in the Presence of God. Justin and Leigh have seen many miracles and healings flow through their lives in the Church, on their holidays but more so in the community during their everyday life. 


This loving and passionate couple live an authentic life of purity and vulnerability that is refreshing and welcoming.

They challenge you with their lives, they encourage you with their words, and they welcome you with open arms regardless of where you are at or what you believe. Justin and Leigh have a strong leadership style that exudes confidence in the vision and direction of the church. 


Their greatest prayer and passion is to see all people experience the true nature of Jesus and deeply encounter His love.


Alex Nanopoulos

Core Team

Few has prioritised and pursued the face of God like Alex has. He is unassuming, quiet, and humble, yet carries an unwavering steadfastness for the presence of God. It's the presence or nothing, and it causes an aggression and a defence to be stirred up within him when religion or tradition try an creep back into any picture or place. Alex is after God's heart, and is militant in his pursuit of justice, especially in regards to making sure God is represented for who He truly is, GOOD and KIND. He carries an impartation for others to encounter the lord and for it to become a non-negotiable in their life. 


Hilary Nanopoulos

Core Team

Focused, unwavering, determined, brave, courageous, and passionate sum this woman up. Hilary's ability to see, think plan and manage is outrageous. She thinks on a large scale and her gift of seeing solutions in everything is very powerful. It's moire than admin and it's more than skills in organising, it is carrying God's heart for the details as it comes directly from His nature because that is what He is like. Beyond these amazing skill sets, she carries deep convictions which have been birthed from knowing God's word and His ways, she has a soft and tender heart and is a passionate pursuer of His presence


Mitchell Smith

Core Team

Whatever it takes sums him up. Integrity and humility are front and center and clearly evident. He has a gentle spirit but is a strong and confident leader who has a gift for allowing others to shine. His heart for the Church is enormous and his commitment and passion to see family and community grow is encouraging and contagious. Mitch is a true servant, a great friend who is caring and kind, he always puts others ahead of himself which causes favour and influence with God and man. He sees the big picture white still locking in and staying the course as He values the process and journey.

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Mike Smith


Mike is the Director of Every Believer Can Ministries based in Melbourne, Australia. Mike was Senior Pastor of Destiny Church Melbourne for 27 years and he has ministered both nationally and internationally as an evangelist and as a teacher. Mike's Heart is to see every believer fully equipped so they can live victoriously and be effective witnesses for Christ.

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Mick Agius


Mick has been in ministry for over 30 years having served as part of the church planting team at what is today Echo Church, as Senior Pastor at Life Church Macarthur in NSW for ten years, Executive Pastor at Inspire Church, Liverpool and in the NSW ACC State Office as an administrator. Mick has consulted with many ACC churches and is currently based in NSW.

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Dan Parker


Dan is the Senior Pastor of Kingston City Church. He has a passion to help people form a relationship with Jesus Christ and find meaning and purpose in God's will. He serves as Chairman of the CRC Churches International Victorian & Tasmanian Executive. He's involved in mentoring and resourcing leaders to grow and transform cities and nations.


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Ahab Alhindi


Ahab is part of Bethel Church in Redding, California. He has completed all 3 years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and is now specifically involved with travel out of Redding, through Global Legacy. Ahab travels throughout North America and globally to inspire, impart and activate today's revivalists. 

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