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Church is not a business. It is not an organization. It is a family. It is a community of believers and followers of Jesus. It is made up of people. People who matter.

At Destiny Church we have Senior Leaders, Core Team, Advisors, Leadership Team and Volunteers. So although there are many different roles, levels and layers to how we are structured, they are not in order of significance and importance. 

Although we have a clear Vision, each person is created and designed in a unique way, from their personality, to their temperament, to the way they think and what they are passionate about. We each have different dreams and desires and we each live different lives. Some work 60 hours per week and some are retired. Whatever our season, our make-up or what our week looks like, we are aware that we as followers of Jesus are called to be a part of what God is doing in and through the Church. 

We are passionate about seeing every person that comes to Destiny being involved in some capacity. 

There is so many amazing ministries with so many opportunities to be involved. 

We have 2 Volunteers trainings per year. Our next training night is on Monday 7th May at 7:30PM. 



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